Helsingfors Series VIII: 5 questions to an IxDer

Second interview will let us know a bit more the work of Nuno Correia. Nuno is a researcher and teaches at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.Moi Nuno!

Juan Leal (J.L.) Please, give us a short description about yourself.

Nuno Correia (N.C.) I'm an artist, designer and teacher in the field of new media. I'm from Portugal, but I've been living in Helsinki for more than 3 years. I moved there because of my ongoing doctoral studies in new media art at Media Lab Helsinki. My background is quite diversified, and involves international business, innovation management, jazz, theatre, and comics. I started programing BASIC as a kid on a ZX Spectrum.

J.L. When did you start working as an IxD?

N.C. I started teaching interaction design at university level and doing freelance webdesign work in 2000, in Lisbon.

J.L. We know what are the good things about this job but, what´s the worst thing about what you do?

N.C. Sometimes the tight deadlines don't allow for the kind of depth and exploration that you would like. The quality and innovation level of the projects suffer with that.

J.L. Regarding your profession, what are the main differences about what you do here in Finland and the rest of Europe?

N.C. I've worked mostly in Portugal and Finland. The main difference is that the whole society is very much technology driven. So you feel that you're at the heart of things, that what you're doing is important for the competitiveness of the country as a whole. In Portugal you get the feeling you're swimming against the tide, that maybe you should have chosen to be a football player instead. However things are changing, and more emphasis is being given to science and technology.

J.L. How do you see the future of this profession?

S.P. I'm an optimist, so I see a bright future where there is a better integration and understanding between the interaction designer and the disciplines that surround her/him - such as visual design and programming.

-- Obrigado Nuno! Se you next week for that coffee!