Our daily life involves countless interactions with technological devices of all kinds: from our mobile phone or laptop to a parking meter, our own car or any household appliance. Most of them are already linked to the Internet, increasing exponentially the way we relate to them. But the more possibilities technology offers us, the more frustrating it is for us humans, who are incapable of expressing the full potential of the technological device in front of us. Humiliated to use a small percentage of its real functionality and, on many occasions, feeling clumsy for not being able to take more advantage of it. was born in 2001 with the vocation to help reduce the human frustration that is generated when we face technology and help companies offer the experience we all deserve when using any digital product.


I like to work in a close, friendly way, without the classic stereotypes that are established between client and supplier. I see the design of digital products as a set of synergies that starts from an absolute affinity between the parts that devise and the parts that execute. These are the services I offer and that I know best:


I have been a mentor for several years in different Startup Accelerators and Ventures Capitals in our country, some of them pioneers in the sector: Business Booster, Founder Institute or Google for Startups. I focus on UX and Product and try to offer my perspective to find the best harmony between people, business and design.


Channelled through PROΛ: a small harbour where you can talk about the state of your project and analyse from a Product perspective where you are with what you have or what you want to launch. Previously validated with clients. Fast, agile, remote and at a unique price of 450€:


Creating digital products from a User-Centered Design perspective. "Pixel perfect", ready for programming. Mobile Apps for iOS or Android, Responsive Design, Desktop, Smartwatches, Television, ATMs, IoT, etc. I feel particularly comfortable about designing apps and everyday work applications.


Sometimes I speak in public to share my views on our relationship with technology. I have taught at IE Business School or or The Open University of Catalonia. I have also given masterclasses and workshops at different business/design schools, such as the EOI or Universidad Europea.


Design Thinking sessions for companies or startups, with a clear focus on exploration Sessions developed in-house, with very specific techniques and exercises to identify the needs of your users and to be clear about the steps you have to take before starting to design.


The one I'm most looking forward to. An idea that I've been growing up with for a long time. 2 or 3 days of work generating ideas about your project in an inspiring environment, with accommodation, swimming pool, sea views and always pleasant temperature. Ideal for small work groups like Startups or UX teams or Product of larger companies.


My name is Juan Leal. I consider myself a lucky guy, who enjoys his work. I like things simple and straightforward, perhaps because of professional deformation. My aim is to make the most of technology, so that it makes our day-to-day life easier. I've been involved in digital and UX product design for over 10 years. I have created a school with Isa and Ignacio(, helped to create a product from 0(, in some occasions I also invest in companies of the sector. And I am part of a group of professionals with whom we have built a new concept of company: I graduated in Ergonomics and Human Factor from the Technical University of Lisbon, and I have also attended specialized courses in London, Portland, Seattle or MIT. The rest is better explained by my profile on LinkedIn.

Outside the screen, sport, adventure and the sea complete my free time. The guitar is another of my passions.


Sometimes, they talk about my work:

"The experience of working with Juan and his team has been extraordinary in every way. I would highlight the conceptualization work, his ability to understand the business issues, the fluidity of the interaction and the aesthetics and taste that define his prototypes and designs. When the proposals have not fit at first, he has known how to broaden the point of view and come back with new approaches until finding the optimal solution. Not only is he a great professional but his human quality is also exceptional".
Sergio Chalbaud - Founder and CEO of

"I've worked with Juan as a consultant on usability issues for Toprural (general advice on interaction design, user testing, work methodology, prototyping, etc.) and also for a personal project I'm developing now. In both cases he is doing an excellent job. Juan is undoubtedly one of the best interaction designers in Spain, to which I would add that he is super nice to work with, and that he has a personal touch that manages to bring the pages he designs to life. I recommend him 100% for usability or web design work".
François Derbaix - Business Angel

"Juan and the crew at are a major source of value to We hired them to draft the v1.0 conceptual design of our webpage, and they literally blew us away. They designed a concept usable from day one, and scalable to infinite and beyond, in a difficult subject area (high-frequency trading). We are repeat customers & fans!".
Juan Colón - Founder of

"Juan has definitely contributed to a substantial improvement in the business approach and usability of our platform. His great experience working for large companies in their online strategies makes his contribution unique, as he brings together the best practices of online businesses in Spain. does not hesitate to incorporate him as a partner to the company after the value he has contributed and his professionalism has been demonstrated".
Nieves Fernández - Founder of

"At IE Business School we have been very lucky to have been able to have Juan Leal as an associate professor in the subject "E-Commerce Strategy" within the Global MBA + Digital Marketing specialization program. Juan has taught the subject with the academic excellence we require at IE Business School (...)".
Irene Sanz González - Executive MBA program director at IE Business School


I offer an insight into practical and effective technology. Focused on simplicity without forgetting the business side. I help the people who use your digital product to be satisfied and that you make money with what you offer through your interface.

These have been some of my clients, I have also worked for large accounts such as BBVA, Santander, Grupo Inditex or Endesa. It will be a pleasure to tell you more details.


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