Thank you Vanesa Venegas!

Scenario: My MacBook was wrecked a few weeks ago. Several series of the Seagate hard disk were corrupted and I am one of the lucky owners… I decided to write a detailed letter to Apple, describing what happened and what I wanted from them (data recovery from the Seagate hard disk, money back for the new hard disk I purchased and a new MacBook with no problems…).
Today I received a phone call from Apple support. At the other side of the line, Mss Vanesa Venegas, in charge of the Apple support area. The conversation was more or less like this:

    Vanesa Venegas (V.V.) – Hi, This is Vanesa Venegas, could I speak to Mr. Leal?
    Juan Leal (J.L.) – Hi, Vanesa, this is Juan Leal speaking.
    (V.V.) – Mr. Leal, after reading carefully the letter you sent us I have to say that we understand your problem.
    (J.L.) – Oh, really?
    (V.V.) – Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we can´t do anything for you.
    (J.L.) – Anything?
    (V.V.) – Anything, Mr. Leal, I´m sorry about that. I understand you.
    (J.L.) – And… Why are you calling me? Just to tell me that can´t do anything?
    (V.V.) – No, no. I am calling you to offer you something more. Listen, if you have any problem in the next six months just call me, I´ll see what can I do. This is my personal number.
    (J.L.) – But… I don´t understand anything, Vanesa… You´re calling me to tell me that you can´t do anything for me BUT, you´re giving me your personal number in case of having any problem in the future?!
    (V.V.) – Herrr, yes… Mr Leal. I understand you…
    (J.L.) – Well, Ok Vanesa. I won´t keep your personal number but, I will keep your name if you don´t mind.
    (V.V.) – Ok, Mr Leal. Thank you.
    (J.L.) – Bye

And, that´s all folks! Another wonderful piece of brilliant service from AppleCare Support!! Nice, huh?!

Thank you, Vanesa Venegas!