The emergin computer era in a vídeo

Justice is an electronic French group known for adding a strong rock influence on their music. It is the most successful group of Ed Banger Records.
But we´re not here to talk about dance music. We´re going to talk about DVNO, one of their songs, released on May 19, 2008. DVNO stands for “Divino”; according to the group, “In every suburb of the world, in every city, there’s always a nightclub called El Divino… Clubs where you have to wear a white shirt to get in”.

The clip of this single it´s an knot out flashback to the 80´s, using typos, graphics, resources and effects from the emerging computer era. The company behind this job is Machine Molle, a motion and graphic design company based in Paris.

An absolutely must to be seen clip for those crazy about retro and typos (Vídeo YouTube 3:00):

BTW, they run an online shop quite interesting: Six Pack France.

Vía DesignFlavr.