“Novedades discográficas”

“In 1972, when I was born, there were no vinyls in my city. These objects, weren´t on sale especific stores. Some luthiers used to sell just classical music. Popular music used to be sold at the domestic appliance´s store: from Spanish “Copla” to the “Rock&Roll” or Argentinian “Boleros”.
“Now all that stuff has gone and modern digital music players display very often on the screen “Unknown artist. Track 1″, being this the only visual information that accomplishes the song”.

Novedades discográficas” was recorded on July 2008 in Valladolid city (Spain) by the shiny, happy people of Zaunka. The funny mock-ups were designed by Mr. Ginés and this is the result (Vimeo, 2:38min):