Airport vehicles: When form follows function

I love watching the activity of these working “Lemmings” when I am waiting for a flight connection at the airport. They just don´t stop working!

And, the more I see of them, the more I think they perfectly fit to this famous statement: “Form follows function“, one of the main principles of Bauhaus´s Design School.

They´re ugly, they look uncomfortable, they don´t leave any space for personal customization and, depending on the country you´re, they look a bit different, adapted to the local context they work with.

But, on the other side, their output is brilliant. They´re machines focused 100% on the activity. All the beautiful stuff has been forgotten. What remains is just for improving the outcome. They´re perfect for the work they´ve been designed for. To me they´re the best example of “just what you need and nothing else”.

Sometimes I like to think that one of these days digital products will be like these airport vehicles…