Visiting the Silicon Roundabout area

So yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the Sillicon Roundabout, UK´s Sillicon Valley. I have to say that I haven´t heard about this area before, but after wandering a few minutes around there I can say that it really deserves a visit.

I had an interesting chat with Juan Álvarez, who is working in this area starting a brand new project. He showed me the emerging startups that are boiling their ideas in the Hoxton Sq. area. There are also well-known companies such us, Moo or Songkick. Actually, I had the chance of visiting the last one, Songkick, where they share the space with other “secret startups”.

I left this area with the feeling that soon or later I would be back again.

Financial Times published an interesting article about this zone a year ago:
Silicon Roundabout: Is this the heart of the UK’s new dotcom boom?.