2009: Recap of the year

I know… February isn´t the right time to make a recap of the year but today was the only day I had some free time to organice 2009’s posts and put them somehow in order. And, since I am the cooker here in this blog, I´ve decided to go ahead. Sorry if you don´t like this…

2009’s main objective was to keep the same working level at Seisdeagosto.com, but also start working on a startup and create something new. Well, this became real on September, when we launched Kakoe and Voota. They are still quite young projects, but we´re pretty sure that soon or later will see the end of the tunnel. September was also the month when we moved to Finland, living there for three months (I won´t forget this experience!).

Índica is already 5 years old, with 341 posts and 730 comments. Below this level you´ll find 2009’s greatest hits… Enjoy them!














Regarding 2010, we´re cooking new challenging projects that will be showed here soon. Just need more time to confirm them.

So stay tunned!! Thank you all!

Foto: Ben Pearce

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