World class collection of crossroads

Crossroads design is a mix of thinking about cars, pedestrians and environment. The bigger a crossroad is the better for cars, but at the same time, it might be not so good for local environment.

Engineers have come to a huge amount of different solutions adapted to the size of the roads they´re crossing, space available, location, proximity of villages, speed, etc…

Unfortunately, we cannot see these wonderful engineering state of the art solutions while driving through them. We need an aerial view to really appreciate what´s beneath these crossroads.

So far, there are more than 20 ways of crossing different roads (Turbine, Cloverleaf, Stack, Lofthouse, ParClo, Butt, Clovermill, Cloverstack, Spaghetti Bowl. Classic Diamond, Spooey…)

The one illustrating this post is called the Braid and it´s an interchange located in Maryland (I-95 I-695 Northern Interchange MD).

Most of these beautiful solutions can be found following these links:
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Vía @jotajotaz